Teachers and Students deserve the best resources we can provide.

Education is Everything

We all want to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed. However, Missouri has been falling short on that. We fully fund our K-12 education according to the Missouri Foundation Formula, but it isn’t enough. We require teachers to educate our students, and in some portions of the state, we start them out at $12.50 an hour, with no option for overtime, although overtime work is often demanded in small school districts.

Our education system, for students and teachers, needs to more closely reflect the rest of the world. Teachers need the resources necessary to do their job, so that students can develop the skills necessary to enter the workforce. It is imperative here in Franklin County that we work to give our schools the funding necessary for that. I want our schools to raise teacher salaries, purchase new equipment, and also invest in new innovative teaching methods. Our students deserve to go to schools that have new computers, lab equipment, and sports facilities. Students deserve classes that will prepare them for life after High School.

Further more, students should also be able to focus on language and art. Steve Jobs focused on the artistic presentation of his products, and turned Apple inc. into a $900 billion corporation. Creativity and passion are the driving forces behind ingenuity and happiness. Companies look for employees that know how to balance work with their lives; that should start early in their education, too.

Skills-Based Learning

Studies recognize the benefit of hands-on education in our schools, both in teaching concepts as well as cementing a student’s understanding of those concepts. I want our students to have more access to these skills-based classes. Students who participate in an education system designed for both continued education or immediate entry into the workforce have more success. Every student, regardless of socioeconomic status deserves to go through High School with as many options open to them as possible.   


We need to give school boards more information so that they can promote performance accountability in Administrators. School Boards should have the opportunity to request an audit of a school’s administration to determine its effectiveness. An audit like this could be used to answer questions such as:

  • Are they focusing on providing every student with a positive, valuable learning experience?
  • Do disciplenary procedures match state guidelines?
  • Are rewards and discipline equitable throughout the school?
  • Is there really enough work to justify the number of administrators a school has?
  • Are the administrators providing a safe, effective working environment for the teaching staff?

The school board, and the community, will be able to use these audits to improve school leadership. With the right leadership, every school can become a better intsitute for educating our children. 

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