Free Market Farming

The free market is a fantastic idea that works best when competition is plentiful, fair, and fierce. When large corporations move in, and gobble up small farms, they make it impossible for a family farm to compete. A large corporation can withstand significant losses in order to force smaller farms into selling their family legacy. That legacy is important to every farmer I’ve ever met, and it’s important to me too.

The Family Farm

I grew up in a farming family. Some of my earliest memories involve riding horses with my grandfather and chasing chickens. The very first vehicle I ever drove was a Massey Ferguson tractor. We had wood heat because trees were plentiful and electricity was expensive. I grew up understanding that we need to be stewards of the land and respect it, because that’s how we survived.

It wasn’t always possible to make ends meet on the farm, so my grandfather worked a second job as a Semi-Truck driver. His adherence to a self-determined lifestyle helped define the kind of man I am today, and I can’t have asked for a better role model.

I want to protect family farms, and I want to make it easier for small farms to take a piece of Missouri’s Agribusiness.

Farmers need to farm. For themselves, and for all of us. It’s as simple as that.

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