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So, I think pretty much everyone is aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, if you’re on Facebook. If you’re not, basically, if you get Nominated, you have to dump a bucket of Ice Water on your head, or donate $100 to ALSA.

As of right now, is reporting that the Ice Bucket Challenge has helped raise $79.7 Million Dollars to fight ALS.

I do not know anyone who has suffered from ALS. I do not know someone that knows someone who suffers from ALS.

I tell you these things because, soon, I will be doing the Ice Bucket challenge myself, and I will find some people to nominate. I do this, not because I am connected to the cause, and not because I don’t want to donate money. I will probably donate some money to ALS as well, because it seems like a horrific way to die, and any amount of money will help support people who suffer from the disease.

I am, as is commonly known, a hashtag activist.

I read an article today. It was about Hashtag Activists, and how awful they were, and how bad they were for what they do. But that was right after reading this article: link

I agree with this, a lot. I think that raising awareness, at the very least, can help do a lot of good. That is holding true right now, too, given that there are over 300,000 new donors to ALSA and significantly more money pouring in than has ever poured in before.

A while back, I threw a post up on Facebook complaining about companies that use charity as a way to market themselves. It was passively suggested to me that I would be doing no different if I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – I’d be self promoting.

That may be true. The distinction here, though, is I’m not selling a product, and using charity as an attempt to increase my sales. This is especially annoying when you consider that these companies are increasing their profit and lowering their taxable income in one fell swoop.

So. I will definitely be doing the Ice Bucket challenge. I will hope that I can find an interesting, amusing way to do the challenge so that more people see it. I hope that by getting dunked in ice, ALSA might get an extra dollar to help make someone’s life a little easier.

But most of all, I’ll be doing it because several people I respect have done it, and I’ve been challenged. I’ll be doing it because it seems fun, letting go and being a little silly for a while.

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