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I’ve been working on writing prompts for a while. I thought I would share some of them with you. Use freely as you wish.

  1. A card player discovers that the card game he loves playing is real, and that his battles are actually wars taking place in another dimension.
  2. People have learned how to upload their consciousness to machines. Describe the process that one character goes through as he nears the end of his biological life.
  3. A strange man places yellow flowers on a grave every Sunday. What’s his story?
  4. An angry teenager discovers he can turn invisible. How does he use this power?
  5. A young sorcerer is ostracized from his family. What happened to make his family despise him, and how does he respond.
  6. A stereotypical hero dise before finally saving the world, and thus, the apocalypse happens. Detail what happened, and how.
  7. An alien race finally visits earth, but thinks cows are the smartest species on the planet. Describe how humanity responds.
  8. A man discovers a time machine, and goes back in time to find out if his wife was cheating on him. Through his meddling, she does cheat on him, but otherwise wouldn’t have. Upon realizing this, what does he do?
  9. A famous singer suddenly decides to retire without giving a reason. Why are they retiring, and why don’t they want the world to know?
  10. An evil man has won the Presidency of the United States, and somehow has Congress in his pocket. What happens to the country?
  11. War between the United Earth Corps and Mars has been brewing for years. What finally sparks the war, bringing it to a head?
  12. Everyone on the planet is born with an ID tag in their head that classifies them for a job. When they reach a certain age, all the information they need to do their job is downloaded into their head. How do they spend the first years of their lives, and how do they handle the sudden shift when their job duties are assigned?
  13. Vampires are real, but they suck life force instead of blood. People can be fed on for years without knowing about it. Write a story about one Vampire’s attempt to reveal the truth to humanity.
  14. The trick to immortality is discovered. The birth rate suddenly plummets as people wait until they are 200 or older to have children, if they ever do. Describe the changes in society through the eyes of a relatively young 200 year old man.
  15. It is prehistoric times, and a man has just discovered fire for the first time. How does he use this to his benefit?

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