I enjoy writing. I wish I felt that I had a good enough story to tell that I could write a novel about it.

I would self-publish it, of course. Whether that’s because I like the self-publishing model and having control, or because I don’t think a publisher would pick up my novel is a good question that I may never have the opportunity to explore.

The problem I have with writing, and it’s a stupid problem, is that I can’t find a voice that I like. My friend Jenn, when she writes, there’s a specific way her words make me feel, and I enjoy that. My favorite Author, R.A. Salvatore writes in an engaging, fast paced style. I love it. Stephen King’s writing has tons of descriptive details while flowing smoothly, and Dean Koontz is also the same way.

I don’t have a voice like that. But I’m still searching for one.

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