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I’m thinking of replacing my cover photo on Facebook. It is currently a picture of my Grandfather that I took a few years ago while visiting him during winter.

I like this particular photo of him for several reasons, but mostly because it is the timeless, classic look I have of my grandfather when I remember him in my memories. An old, worn, beaten hat, jean jacket, gloves and jeans with a pair of boots, and glasses.

Of course now he wears a cell phone on his pocket, and he gets tired more quickly than he used to. But that latter fact isn’t obvious in this picture. He’s out on his farm, feeding his cows, (with two buckets) and his faithful dog Brutus (sometimes referred to as Brute) tagging along at his heels. The dog can’t open his mouth anymore, but like my grandfather, he keeps moving forward.

The jacket my grandfather is wearing in this picture was a gift from me. His old Levi jacket that he’d worn most of my life had reached the end of its life. My grandfather couldn’t find one in the local stores, so he turned to me to ask if I could figure out where to get one. I spent about a week researching Levi Jackets before I discovered that this is a Levi Trucker’s Jacket, (or Levi’s Type 3) – and I realized that for much of his adult life, My Grandfather had probably been wearing the same jacket.

The jacket was introduced in 1962, when my grandfather would have been in his late-teens or early twenties. (He’s old, suffice it to say.) He told me that it had been his favorite jacket for years, and when I was a kid it’s the only jacket I remember him wearing. (Baring a nicer jacket for special events; this was his ‘general purpose’ jacket.)

He tried to repay me for the jacket, but I told him it was a Christmas Present. Maybe next time I see him, I’ll get a chance to take another photo that will serve as a cover photo for years to come. I suspect I’ll find him a little older, a little more tired, but this time with another pup nipping at his heels beside Brutus. Maybe I’ll see that jacket again, too.

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