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Today I’ve written more posts on Facebook and other media platforms than I have in a while. Well, maybe not the core number of posts, but the sum content of those posts has been a lot higher than usual.

I’m in a mood to write things. This morning as I left the house, (just after putting my dinner into the crock pot) I grabbed four notebooks, two books on plot and characters, and my binder. I already carry a laptop and three tiny notebooks, and two larger notebooks with me every day. I’m not sure why I grabbed the extras, except that I knew I wanted to write.

Last night I set up my NaNoWriMo account with an updated bio for the coming year. I love NaNoWriMo; I’ve participated every year, (even though my profile doesn’t show it) since it started. I’ve only come close to winning once; a year when I was unemployed and I pounded out three thousand words a day easily.

Last year, I published an eBook called “Player Retention”. Two years before that, I published an eBook entitled, “Web Hosting, A Beginner’s Guide.” I would like to self publish a novella this year.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I don’t read much, I don’t write much. So I’ve been going out of my way to try and read more. I’ve got an anthology of Short Stories that I’ve had for years, and I’m reading through it right now. These short stories might not always be the most interesting stories, but they have amazing writing in them all the same. The pictures jump off the pages into my mind as I’m reading, and I feel daunted by my own words. Nothing I’ve written in the past jumps off the page at me like that.

But maybe it could. Some day.

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