So I’ve found myself cooking a lot ever since I moved. I don’t know where that many fast food places are to eat, and none of them are close enough to be used by my lazy ass. So I cook a lot more for myself than I used to. And I am pretty great at cooking. At least, my tummy says so.

I haven’t had deviled eggs in nearly a year. Someone on my Facebook feed posted pics of deviled eggs that they made for an early Thanksgiving celebration while family was in town. And that sparked off the desire for me to have deviled eggs.

So I went to the store yesterday, grabbed some Mustard, Eggs, and Mayonnaise, (French’s Mustard, and Hellman’s Mayo, if you’re interested in brands.) – and today I mixed’em all together in a big old pot.

Well. Sorta. You see I took a dozen eggs and boiled’em for 12 minutes, cracked’em and washed’em. I’m not the best shell-cracker for eggs. So… some of them were damaged a bit. But, I got’em all shelled, then sliced those little babies in half and pulled those grey/yellow egg yolks and dropped’em in a bowl, covered’em with mayo, a teaspoon of vinegar, and some mustard.

There’s a scene in Game of Thrones. Let me see if I can find it…

Best I could find is this:



That’s how I treated those egg yolks. I took a fork, and I beat them into submission while I drank a beer and considered how good my eggs were going to taste.

I decided that I was going to make dinner tonight just after I finished scooping the egg paste into the eggs and putting them into the fridge. I had two nice round steaks sitting in the fridge, waiting to be made. So I pulled’em out, grabbed my seasonings, and prepared to work.

I love making steak. Steak is delicious, and at its best when medium rare and properly seasoned. So I took these two steaks, laid’em out on my cutting board, and went to work. I have Kosher Salt, steak seasoning, (McCormick), Lemon Pepper, Black Pepper, Oregano, and mint leaves. I pour a lot onto the steaks, and firmly rub it in, spreading to every inch of the steak until they are covered, then I flipped’em over and repeated the process.

I then pulled out my secret weapon: Lemon and Lime Juice. I put a few drops of each on either side of the steak, and then heated up the pan. I cut off a chunk of butter and tossed it into the pan and went to check the mail. When I came back, the pan was ready, so I tossed the first steak on. I grabbed the two torn up eggs that I had from my shelling incident, and cut them up into the rest of my egg paste, making a kind of egg salad.

God damn that steak was delicious. Just fucking delicious. The egg salad was good too.

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