I love deviled eggs. I can’t get enough of them, they are like God’s gift to my mouth and they are just amazing. The only downside is that you always end up, (always, always, always) with more filling than your egg-halves can handle.

My recipe for deviled eggs is pretty simple: take some mustard, about 4 times as much mayo, some onions, egg yolks, and  cap full or two of white vinegar and mix until satisfied. (Throw in a couple of bad/ripped egg whites for bonus flavor.) Some salt and pepper can’t hurt, either. (Especially the pepper.) When you’ve finished scooping the filling into the eggs, you just add a dash of paprika, (Spanish smoked for best flavor) and you’re good to go!

But I was working against the clock this time, so this isn’t just a story about cooking deviled eggs. No. I was boiling potatoes and roasting a turkey at the same time. So everything came down to timing. The eggs were boiling when I put the potatoes on, so that was helpful. I swapped their pan location for the potatoes and strained them in a white plastic strainer that I have. That’s when my friend Meegan, (I married her to Leif about 2 months and some change ago) told me to chug my booze. So I did.

I don’t normally recommend people do things that could result in permanent injury while inebriated, but I’ve come to consider myself incapable of getting hurt by myself. So I slammed down the rest of my glass of Kahlua, (about 6 ounces) and got to work. The eggs were hot. I noticed this when I picked them up with my bare hands. That was a problem. I thought to myself, “Have you tried cutting these eggs before peeling the shell off? That might help.” – Turns out it doesn’t, especially when they are hot.

The ideal temp is luke-warm. I doused the remaining eggs in cold water until they were easy to hold. I then put each egg on my cutting board, cupped it gently (maybe like you would a chicken breast or a pretty woman’s cheek before you kiss her) and then applied downward pressure. In doing so, I cracked the egg on each side, and they peeled super easy. I was thrilled. Each egg peeled easier than any egg I’ve ever tried to peel before. (And especially easier than the uncooked eggs I tried to peel for my birthday last year.)

That’s your takeaway. Peel your eggs this way, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Do not try to cut them while the shell is still intact, though. That just rips the eggs.

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