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My hands currently smell of garlic. I’ve just put in the first course of my Thanksgiving meal. It is a personal recipe I’ve put together for green bean casserole.

But first my morning started off lazy. I didn’t do much; I stayed in bed until 7:30, then I got up and watched some TV while browsing the Internet. I checked on my Christmas Card app and talked to some friends. I then put dishes in the dish washer and started making my baste.

I took a stick of butter and tossed it in a bowl. I doused it with lemon and lime juice, added some crushed mint and oregano, sprinkled on some salt and ground up a lot of pepper. (I love pepper.) Some parsley and bay leaves with a hint of paprika and cocoa finished it off. I tossed it in the microwave, (aka the mini-nuker) and called my grandfather to wish him happy holidays and to ask if I could spend the night at his place Friday, December 18th. He said it was cool. Though he didn’t use the word “cool”.

He’s just not that kind of grandfather.

Anyway, I went back to dicking around and I got hungry. Now, today is a day for eating, so I’m not going to really eat until five. Instead, I grabbed a Redd’s Cranberry Ale, (It’s a holiday; sue me.) and made the salad. This consisted of ripping open the bag, dumping it into a bowl, and mixing the Parmesan cheese in with the Caesar salad dressing. That’s sitting in the fridge right now with croutons that are secretly singing songs about the bread they used to know. (Gotye reference.)

I was still hungry, (imagine that) so I looked at the time. My clock in the kitchen said it was 1:00PM, so I knew it was 11AM. I thought to myself, “You know what you should cook right now, so you can start the turkey at 1 like you intend? The green bean casserole.” – So I did.

I had pulled the chicken out a few hours before, so it was mostly thawed out. That was enough for me. I blasted those breasts with spices: A little pepper, some salt, oregano, mint, and parsley. Then I poured a can of soup, (cream of celery) into the bottom of the pan and coated it like you would with butter. I added a bit of heavy whipping cream to make it spread easier.

I then put the breasts in, and sprinkled some fresh cut green beans around the edges and in between them until the gaps were covered. I applied another can of cream of celery soup, (pouring 1/3rd of the can in, then replacing that 1/3rd with heavy whipping cream to make it silkier.) I spread that over the green beans and chicken until everything was covered.

I then put four strips of bacon on top, popped it in the oven, and said to my Amazon Echo: “Alexa, start timer, 45 minutes.”

And then I wrote this.

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