So, this morning I woke up in an okay mood. I had a little difficulty sleeping last night; I went to bed around 8, dozed for a few hours, woke up around 10:30 and couldn’t quite get back to sleep immediately. Eventually I did, though, and slept through to 7AM. So I am well rested today.

While I’m writing this, I’ve got Bush’s “Mouth” playing in my headphones. It was my “Song of the Day” 2 years ago, so I thought I’d revisit it today to see if it is still my song of the day. It might be, but today doesn’t feel like a song where the refrain would be, “Your mental armor drags me down.” – I feel pretty good today. So maybe instead, my song of the day should be Travis Tritt’s “It’s a great day to be alive.” – It’s a feel-good country song. (Do not mistake it for the Gorillaz’s song, “Feel Good Inc.” though. That’s a different beast.)

I say all of this to put you in a frame of reference for how I feel today. These days are not overly common, (and even less-so since I’ve moved to New York.) – so I am trying to take enjoyment in it. I’ve got some new training to go through today, (I’m learning Node.JS and MongoDB – both of which are neat in their own way.) and I think that will be fun. I’ve already started envisioning projects that these would be useful for, which is fun. I’ve got some older projects that I’ve been itching to work on; it would be nice to get back to making those.

There’s a contest that is due in 2 days. The entry for it is due in 2 days, that is. I might try to find some of my old writing and see if there’s anything in there worth brushing up on to figure out if I can enter it.

I’m not overly big on new year’s resolutions, although I’ve done a few in the past. I’ve since just tried to make each year better than the year before. So, with that in mind, I think trying to do something new this year is the right way to move forward. What does that mean exactly?

Submitting some short stories to magazines.
Working on an Android App.
Learning new programming languages.
Getting new clients/projects for Qiwi Trails.

Just a few things I kinda want to do this year. We’ll see how it goes.

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