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I was writing up a post about a piece of software that I’m working on right now, but threw it away because it belongs on my other blog, and shouldn’t be written until I’ve finished the project. So I trashed it, and then Godsmack’s newest album, 1000HP, started to play over Spotify.

I went to Chicago a month after this album was released, and then drove from there to Oklahoma City to go to a rock festival. At the time I was going to write about how drained the trip had made me; emotionally. I was like a raw nerve for days after that trip, and trying to find the energy to do anything other than hide away from the world was difficult, to say the least. But listing to the music, (which I haven’t heard in a few months) and I’m back in the center of the crowd, about three people away from Leif and Meegan. Flames bursting on the stage, listening to Sully tell stories and let us know that we’ve been a surprising and fun crowd to play for.

The music reminds me of a few days prior to that, in the Aquarium, watching dolphins and whales splash around, and a seal that really enjoyed fish. Touching Manta’s for the first time, and freaking out about Jellyfish. (They are so fucking cool to watch.) Chicago Pizza that took 45 minutes to arrive but was completely worth it, and the Sex Fist sticker that we parked next to twice. A huge Barnes and Noble, the Beercade, cat videos and Wrigley Field.

I had a good time that weekend, even if I felt overloaded for weeks afterward.

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