A few days ago I went for a walk on the beach. I bought a Canon T6i Rebel as an early birthday present for myself, and I wanted to test it out by taking a lot of pictures on the beach. The few times I’d wanted to go before, the weather hadn’t been cooperative, or I was too tired after a full day’s work.

So, Saturday I drove to the beach and took a look at the sand. It was cold out, roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I was wearing a sweater, but I should have brought a jacket with me too. Or my coat. But it was sunny, and bright, and an hour and a half after the sunrise, so I could see everything perfectly. The only problem came when my glasses would fog over while I was looking in my view finder.

Sunny Beach

I took 234 pictures that morning, which is by far the most pictures I’ve ever taken in an hour. I really enjoyed being able to snap multiple pictures quickly; my old point-and-click cameras would try to auto-focus when I did that, which was a pain to say the least. The downside was that pictures that I thought looked ok through the viewfinder weren’t always quite in focus. I learned quickly how to correct this while taking pictures, but it will require more practice before I get really good at it. Not that I mind the practice; I had a lot of fun.

Beach Bird

The sand was very inviting. If it had been even 20 degrees warmer, I would have been wandering around barefoot. As it was, the sand looked very firm, but had spots where it was quite loose. I almost lost my footing several times while walking around.

This particular beach was the beach that Meegan, Leif, Steve, and I went to when we arrived last August. It was fun; I kept meaning to make time to go back to the beach in the first few weeks I was here, but I never could get up the energy to go. I recognized that this was a bit of depression kicking in; I’ve been staying indoors near-constantly since I got here. In that way, purchasing the camera for myself was a good kick in the pants to make me get out of the apartment a bit more often.

I’ve said in the past, (and other blogs mention it from time to time) that I don’t like New York because all of the people here on Long Island would just as soon ignore you as say hello. Which is fine, I guess, if you have some friends that you can hang out with. But I don’t, so it has been a problem for me. So I’m grateful that a few of my friends are making the trip up in a couple of days to see me. That should help, until Elgin gets here for my Birthday, and that’ll tide me over until my best friend’s wedding in June.

Groovy Whale

I’ve been talking with people about how I’m not sure what direction to take this blog, because I don’t do much. I struggle with my desire to be a writer and my desire to be an introvert that watches episodes of Star Trek and builds applications that share movie details with strangers. I firmly believe that in order to have something interesting to write about, you have to have interesting experiences. You need to go out, meet new people, be exposed to different ideas and view points. And while I thought I’d get a little mileage out of the pics of the beach, I also wanted to take some pictures of Sayville, to remember this place in the future.

Speed Limit - Unknown

I didn’t expect what happened when I walked into Dunkin’ Donuts, though. I still had my camera hanging around my neck, and the cashier behind the counter saw it and immediately asked me if I was there to take her picture. Taken aback for a moment, I thought about saying, “No, I’m just goofing around.” The words were about out of my mouth when I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and said “Sure, why not?” and held up the camera and snapped two pics of her. She smiled, walked over to the other cashier, and said, “Now get one of both of us!”

Dunkin' Donuts

She was a bit shy, but she smiled and let me snap off the pic. I then had a brief but pleasant conversation with her about what I wanted to get for breakfast. They threw an extra shot of caramel into my iced caramel macchiato, and then I was out the door, on my way back to the car. The entire experience, from arriving to the beach and then heading home, took an hour and a half. But I got 14 good photos out of the deal, and a brand new experience.

Not a bad way to start a Saturday.

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