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Last night I participated in a forum with a number of other candidates. On stage beside John Simmons, I talked about my vision for the future of Franklin County.

I support good, responsible governance for the people of the 109th district. After the forum ended, several people came up to me to talk about issues. I got to hear from candidates on both sides of the aisle that there’s a lot we could work together on if we are lucky enough to be elected. A bipartisan, responsible government is what the citizens of Franklin County deserve.

I’m linking you to the audio, hosted by St. Louis Public Radio. Jason Rosenbaum was our moderator, and I think he did a fantastic job.

This is the first time my opponent and I have been able to articulate our competing visions for the 109th together. While I’m asking Mr. Simmons for public debates, he does not seem receptive to the idea. If you listen in, you’ll hear me talk about my history as a data analyst, and why that skill will help me find real solutions for the challenges that face our state. I discuss at length my many proposals and ideas for how we can improve our economy, build better infrastructure, and tackle tough issues.

I think I presented a clear difference between myself and Mr. Simmons, and what the future would look like with me as your State Representative. I hope you take some time to listen. We start at around 1:27:30, and I hope that my vision, my plans, and my understanding of the issues will help me earn your vote on November 6th.

Thank you!

STL Public Radio – Politically Speaking Podcast

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