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Available for Pre-Order now! Designed by Danielle Estopare. Printed in Sullivan at Old Glory Printworks, a Union Printer.

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Support the Elect James Cordrey campaign committee by purchasing one of these fantastic T-Shirts.

Family Farms

By purchasing this shirt, you’re donating to a campaign that is focused on protecting family farms.

We know that you’re aware of the problems. First of all, large companies swoop in and create Concentrated Animal Feeding Organizations (CAFOs). This allows them to suck profits out of small towns. Then, they beat back legislation in Jefferson City that would allow local municipalities to regulate waste management. Finally, they manipulate market prices to keep small farms from being successful. As a result, farms that have been owned by the same family for generations have to sell their land to keep from going bankrupt.

By purchasing this shirt, you’re telling Jefferson City: NO WAY! Not on my watch!

The Middle Class

You’re standing beside working class families. Families who want good paying jobs, not hand outs. Because we all know that Right to Work is wrong for Missouri. When working class families thrive, everyone does better. It’s simple math – when you have some disposable income, you spend more of it. It shouldn’t be so hard to work, raise a family, and plan for retirement. James Cordrey wants to make it easier for families to take care of themselves.

That’s why we want to propose a solution that involves creating investment platform. Community colleges are the perfect place to start building that platform. First of all, their mission is to improve their local communities. They do this through education and empowering the workforce. By providing them with tools they can use to support local business, (and as a result, improve community partnerships) we can help diversify and improve small town economies.

Public Education

This shirt tells everyone in the 109th district that you support our Teachers. You want the best possible education you can get for our kids.  Charter Schools, and open enrollment, are just ways to take money away from our schools. Finally, our schools and teachers are not being properly funded because the Foundation Formula is inherently broken. As a result, the people of Franklin County pay higher personal property taxes. We understand how valuable and important it is to have high quality public education in Franklin County, so we make it a local priority.

You want to make a difference in Missouri. This is your start. Help support my campaign, and together we’ll make changes in Jefferson City!

Support James Cordrey!

As someone who believes in family, friendship, and loyalty, you can count on James Cordrey to have your back, and always be available to talk about any decision he makes. James Cordrey will be the most available representative Franklin County has ever seen, and nobody will work harder for you or your vote.

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