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Elect James CordreyThe Primary Election Is Over

Union, MO, August 8, 2018 First, James Cordrey would like to extend congratulations to the Labor Community on their defeat of Proposition A! In Franklin County, by a margin of 13,955 votes, Proposition A was voted down by 73.19% of the county, putting us ahead of the State’s average which was 67.46%.

This issue was last on the ballot in 1978, and it failed then with 60% of the vote. Missourians have shown a resounding mandate to our State Legislature: Right To Work is wrong for Missouri.

Additionally, James Cordrey congratulates John Simmons on his successful primary campaign. Looking forward to a strong conversation about the roll of Government in Franklin County, and understanding that the citizens of the 109th deserve to have a full and complete understanding of where their candidates stand on the issues, the Elect James Cordrey campaign would like to propose a series of debates on the following topics:

  1. Economy and Poverty
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Environment
  5. Infrastructure

These debates could be held as a series of town hall events, or with a moderator. Times and Locations can be worked out between the two campaigns.

James Cordrey would also like to extend his congratulations to Mr. Oreskovic, and Mr. Juergens for their campaigns as well. Their decision to stand behind the people in the 109th district in defeating Proposition A was admirable, in staunch disagreement with the Republican Party Leadership and Platform. They truly understand what it means to put the citizens first. That is not only commendable, but a true act of leadership, and worthy of thanks.

James Cordrey is the Democratic candidate for the 109th district. He faces John Simmons in the general election which is being held on November 6th, 2018. James Cordrey is endorsed by Leap Forward, the United Auto Workers Union, and has received a COPE endorsement from the St. Louis Labor Council.

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